Saturday, March 3, 2007

By this time, it was clear that Alfred was ambitious enough to pursue his celluloid dreams, and he started working as an assistant director for Michael Balcon's company, to be later named Gainsborough Pictures.
The 'assistant director' tag was a deceptive one, Alfred filling the multiple shoes of writer, title designer, and art director all at the same time.

After several films with the company, Hitchcock was finally given the chance to direct -- a British/German co-production called The Pleasure Garden. Right on its heels came a thriller -- the genre he would make his own -- called The Lodger, in 1926.

Near the end of that year, Hitchcock married Alma Reville (right), and unlike most Hollywood directors, his marriage lasted perfectly, right up to his death 54 years later. Also in the movie business, Alma was born just one day after Alfred.

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